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Radio Lingua Premium Membership System

This Knowledge Book provides answers to frequently asked questions relating to our Premium Membership system (introduced October 2008)

1. What is the Premium Membership system

1.1. Outline

The Premium Membership system can be found here and was introduced in October 2008 as a resource for premium members to download the premium materials associated with our language courses. Initially Coffee Break Spanish and Show Time Spanish were included in this new membership system, and we are currently adding additional materials to the system so that ultimately it will be the most effective and user-friendly way of accessing all our premium courses.

2. Becoming a member

2.1. Creating a new membership

To join our Premium Membership system you should select signup now in the menu. This will take you to the signup page. Select which course you would like to join by clicking on the appropriate button.

Please note that for the time being membership can only be purchased via Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account you can use a credit card through Paypal. If you're based in the UK, please contact us for alternative methods of payment including cheque.

Enter the appropriate details on the form. Note that your login name must be four or more characters and must be in lower case. Remember that your password will be case sensitive. If you have access to a coupon code, please enter this in the bottom section of the form. See Coupon Codes below for more information.

Now click on Continue and you will be taken to the Paypal payment page.

2.2. I've paid for my membership - what now?

After paying through the Paypal page you have to click on "Complete Purchase" and return to our site. You'll then be taken to your control panel where you should already be logged in. You should also have received an email confirming your payment and providing you with further instructions.

Note that if you funded your payment with a credit card you should have immediate access. However, if you funded your payment with a debit card or bank account then there is normally a delay of 5-7 days on the processing of this payment. Unfortunately this is a restriction put in place by Paypal and we cannot do anything about it. Please do not try to repeat the signup process in the meantime. If you'd like to cancel your signup and start again with an alternative payment method to get access to the materials more quickly, please contact us through our helpdesk system.

This stage can be a little confusing. You may feel you are logged in and therefore can now get access to the files. There's one more thing you'll have to do. Using the "Select course" button on the menu, choose the appropriate course you've purchased. This will link to the download page for your course. Depending on the level (eg. Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.) you will have access to various files on this page. You need to right-click (control-click on a Mac) on the files and save them to your computer in an appropriate place. You'll be asked for your username and password. Remember that your username has to be lower case and your password is case sensitive.

2.3. Adding a new product to an existing membership

If you already have an existing membership (NB. since October 2008 using this new system) then you can add additional products to your membership.

Log in to your Control panel using your username (lower case) and password (case sensitive). You should now see on the left your existing subscriptions and on the right an area where you can add or renew your subscription. Select the appropriate product from the drop-down menu, enter a coupon code if you have one and click on 'Order'. You'll then be taken to a Paypal page where you can make your payment.

Having processed your payment you should now have access to the new product through the Select Course button.

2.4. Coupon Codes

From time to time we offer coupon codes and discounts through our mailing list and in special promotions. Look out for flyers which will be put into the public podcast feeds, and for information on our website, particularly the Radio Lingua blog.

We'd also advise you to sign up to our mailing list and you'll receive a monthly newsletter with our latest news. The newsletter will contain a coupon code which you can use against most purchases.

3. Former Premium Subscribers or Season Pass customers

3.1. I was a former subscriber in the old system. How do I transfer to the new system?

In October 2008 we cancelled all accounts which were still active in the old system because unfortunately that system was not compatible with our new system. We had explained to all existing premium subscribers that we would be cancelling access and asked listeners to make sure they had downloaded all the content they required before the 18 October.

If you were unable to download the content before then we can possibly create a new account for you in the system. Depending on the length of your original subscription this may be free, or there may be a cost attached to crossgrading.

Please contact us if you would like to go ahead with this crossgrade. We can check our records and identify the cost for you.

3.2. I purchased a Season Pass and have lost a file. How can I access the premium membership system?

This information applies specifically to those who have purchased Season Passes for Coffee Break French or Coffee Break Spanish. We can crossgrade you to a Premium Membership from the Season Pass system. If you purchased VIP passes for a complete level then we can create a gold membership for you in our new system. Please note that this is a manual process and you must contact us to request this.

If you have purchased certain units in our Season Pass system we can upgrade you to the Gold or Platinum membership in our new system. This would provide access to all the materials for all lessons, depending on the membership level you choose. Please provide the following information so that we can identify the upgrade cost:

- Date of original purchase(s)
- Item purchased
- Transaction ID

These details will be included in the email you received from us when you purchased the item.

4. Troubleshooting

4.1. Lost username or password

If you think you've lost your username or password, follow these steps: 1. Double-check that you're entering your username in lower case and that your password is case-sensitive. 2. Go to the Control Panel and enter your email address or username in the "Lost Password" field. You should then receive your membership details at the email address you originally used to sign up for the account. 3. If you continue to have problems, please contact us.

4.2. Username and password not working

Some users have experienced a problem where they are continually being asked for their username and password and cannot get access to the content. We have found that there are three possible causes for this problem.

1. Please remember that your username must be entered in lower case, ie. joebloggs and not JoeBloggs. Note also that usernames cannot contain spaces. Remember too that your password is case-sensitive, ie. 33saHj8LonP is different from 33SAhJ8lONp.

2. You may be trying to access content which is not part of your membership. Please make sure that you're clicking in the correct column, based on what you have purchased, eg. if you're a Silver member, then you will not be able to access anything in the Gold or Platinum columns, but you will be able to access the Bronze and Silver content.

3. If you have your security settings set very high and you're not allowing cookies to be set on your browser then you may find that our system can't set a cookie to allow your computer to remember that you're a member. Check your Preferences/Properties for security settings.

If you continue to have problems, please contact us.

4.3. Other username/password access problems

If you're experiencing problems accessing the content, it's possible you may need to empty your browser cache. Instructions for this now follow. If you don't see instructions specific to your browser or version, search your browser's Help menu for "clear cache".

Mac: Safari

- From the Safari menu, select Empty Cache. When prompted, click on "Empty" to confirm that you want to empty the cache.

Mac: Firefox 3

- In Firefox, go to Tools menu > Clear Private Data
- Make sure Cache is checked and then click Clear Private Date Now.

Windows: IE 7

- From Tools menu, select Internet Options
- Choose the General tab
- Under Browsing history, click Delete files...
- Click Close, and then click OK to exit.

Windows: Firefox 3

- From the Tools menu, select Clear Private Data.
- Check Cache. Click Clear Private Data Now.

4.4. Where is the premium feed for CBS/STS/CBF etc.?

Any users who were previously subscribed to our premium podcasts should note that since the introduction of our new system we have stopped providing premium feeds in iTunes. This may be a temporary situation, but for the moment there are no premium feeds for Coffee Break Spanish and Show Time Spanish, etc.

The reason behind this is that the premium feed was causing a number of problems for listeners. Often items weren't delivered correctly and sometimes the order of items was mixed up as a result of individual iTunes accounts.

Instead of a premium feed, we have now provided all the material associated with a particular podcast or course in one easy-to-access page. All associated content is listed on the same page and listeners can download what they need when they need it.

See below for further information on how to bring the premium content into iTunes / iPod.

4.5. Getting premium content into iTunes / iPod

Since the premium content is not delivered as a podcast, there are a few steps to take to ensure that you can use the premium content in iTunes and subsequently on your iPod.

1. Create a folder on your computer, eg. in My Documents or equivalent. Call this folder "Radio Lingua" or "Coffee Break Spanish" or whatever suits. You can store all your Radio Lingua content in this folder, and you'll soon get used to our naming system, eg. cbs-01-guide.pdf is the pdf guide for lesson 01 of Coffee Break Spanish, etc.

2. Go to the appropriate premium members' page for whichever subscription(s) you have purchased.

3. Control-click (Mac) or right-click (PC) on any of the files and choose "Save as..." or "Download to..." or equivalent.

4. You'll be asked for your username and password. Please ensure that you enter your username in lower case and your password as case sensitive.

5. In the dialog box, navigate to the folder you have created within My Documents in step 1 above.

6. Save the file in this folder.

7. If you wish to transfer the files to iTunes / iPod, then you should now create a playlist in iTunes (File menu > New Playlist), giving it an appropriate name, eg. Coffee Break French, Show Time Spanish, etc.

8. Drag the file from your desktop/Finder into this playlist within iTunes.

9. You can now sync your iPod with iTunes. You may need to ensure that iTunes is set to sync this particular playlist when syncing.

10. Note that the files will not appear in the podcasts section of your iPod. This is restricted to only content which has been downloaded through the iTunes podcast system. Instead, you can access your content through the Playlists area on your iPod.