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4.2. Username and password not working

Some users have experienced a problem where they are continually being asked for their username and password and cannot get access to the content. We have found that there are three possible causes for this problem.

1. Please remember that your username must be entered in lower case, ie. joebloggs and not JoeBloggs. Note also that usernames cannot contain spaces. Remember too that your password is case-sensitive, ie. 33saHj8LonP is different from 33SAhJ8lONp.

2. You may be trying to access content which is not part of your membership. Please make sure that you're clicking in the correct column, based on what you have purchased, eg. if you're a Silver member, then you will not be able to access anything in the Gold or Platinum columns, but you will be able to access the Bronze and Silver content.

3. If you have your security settings set very high and you're not allowing cookies to be set on your browser then you may find that our system can't set a cookie to allow your computer to remember that you're a member. Check your Preferences/Properties for security settings.

If you continue to have problems, please contact us.

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